The problem: 
The majority of the banks currently have the focus on offering products via funnels set up with legacy systems. This results in outdated interfaces that are not intuitive and offer little technical freedom. Challenger banks and Fintechs, on the other hand, do have this freedom and can therefore focus on the user instead of the product.

My role
Lead UX/UI Designer with a squad of junior and service designers working alongside a financial researcher and IOS engineering team.

Facilitate competitor and user workshops.  
Gather all research and advise the overall business strategy to the client. 
Create wireframes and prototypes for usability testing.
Design of all UI components
Lead design for all UI iterations.

The solution:
Bringing the SaaS model to consumer banking. Nimbus is a centralised native application where users have the ability to link up their separate bank accounts and achieve their saving goals through AI determined financial products and services.
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